July 26, 2023
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January 4, 2017

Smart Door Lock

Automaven Smart Door Lock is one of its kind door locks that is embedded with a variety of features and is designed to keep the home secure to provide a tension free environment to the home owners. This is a High-tech Fingerprint Digital Door Lock with strong features and simple to use. This Fingerprint Lock makes your unlocking very easy

Safety and Precautions

A smart door lock is a high-tech product; hence, improper installation may directly affect the door lock's regular operation and service life. It is recommended that you install the door lock after the room has been decorated. Please ensure that the device is installed by a qualified technician provided by the company. Do not use the device in an environment with strong radiation, high magnetic field, and high temperature with corrosive substances, as it may affect the performance and life of the device.

Please initialize the door lock as soon as the door lock installation is completed and restore the lock to the initial state. And kindly set your electronic key settings immediately after initialization to prevent others from illegally opening your door lock. Kindly use the same brand batteries while changing the old ones, and make sure not to use the OLD & NEW AAA 1.5V alkaline battery*, as it may destroy the door lock.

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Dimension 123 x 333 x 55
Description This lock will eliminate so many things like manual locking, making multiple keys for family members, no need to carry your key when you go out and so on. This lock is suitable for wooden doors. The lock is universal and simple to install, It can be installed both the side left and right of the door & both opening indoor and outdoor. The lock can be used with the auto maven Mobile application, passcode, fingerprint, Card and keys also.
Technical Specifications
  • Power Supply: 4.5V – 6V (4Pcs AAA Batteries)
  • Quiescent current: less than 50-65uA
  • Administrator’s number: 9
  • Unlock methods: Fingerprint, IC Card, Password, Key & Mobile app
  • Working Current: Greater Than 250uA
  • Fingerprint: less tha = 100
  • Card: less tha = 100
  • Password: less tha = 100
  • Password Length: 6-8 bit
  • Phantom password: 16 bit
  • ower voltage alarm: 4.5±0.2V
  • Working temperature: -10°C - 60°C
  • Working relative humidity: 20% to 93%
  1. Keyless Entry: With the Auto maven Smart Lock go keyless, and control the lock directly from the mobile application.
  2. Auto lock: The smart lock comes with the auto lock feature so that it will be locked automatically after someone unlocks the door by any medium, so you don’t have to worry about locking the door again and again.
  3. Fingerprint: Add multiple fingerprints to unlock the door, you can add multiple fingerprints for your family members so that they can unlock the smart lock. You can add up to 100 fingerprints via the auto maven mobile application.
  4. Passcode: Passcode option is also available, you can set the passcode via the mobile application and use it for unlocking the smart lock without the key.
  5. OTP: You can set the one time password with the mobile application and provide it to guests so that they can use it for one time to unlock the smart lock.
  6. Card: You can also use the cards and program them with the automaven mobile application and then use those cards to access the Smart Lock.
  7. Keys are also provided: In case you still want to use manual locking with keys, it is also possible.
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