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Welcome to the world of home automation and smart home solutions at its best - Auto Maven Our goal is to make your life easier and more comfortable with the latest technology that is simple, intuitive, and transformative.

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Three Ways
to Control Your Home

Home Control

Everything is under control at a moment’s notice, no matter where you are

Remote Voice Control

Communicate with and control your smart home system from any place

Mobile App Control

You can control a house with an app whether at home or away, in real time

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are touch panels?
Touch panels are input-and-output devices with electronic visual displays and touch interactivity. Automaven SmartTouch panels are inbuilt with relays for on/off control of loads such as lights, fans, and TV sockets etc. Every button is connected to a relay where a load up to 16 Amps can be connected.
Do touch panels indicate their on/off positions?
Yes. Automaven SmartTouch panels give you a red indication when the load is “on” and a blue indication when it’s “off”.
How should I choose the right touch panel for me?
By calculating the number of circuit loads available at your existing switchboard & its module size, you can choose your appropriate touch panel.