Industrial Machinery And Equipment

When we delve into the realm of industries, heavy machinery and equipment immediately come to mind. Each industry possesses its own set of these assets, all of which consume significant amounts of power and require periodic maintenance. As an industrialist, you are likely aware that aging industrial equipment can lead to increased power consumption, resulting in a significant rise in operational costs.

Power Factor - A common problem causing a major loss

In many instances, industrial machinery tends to consume more power than necessary, resulting in wasted power. This phenomenon is particularly pronounced when the power factor is low. Power factor refers to the ratio between the actual power required to operate a machine (true power) and the power demanded by the machine (apparent power).

Even a slight decrease in power factor can lead to a significant increase in monthly power bills and potentially cause damage to your assets. What if you could monitor these power factor drops and address the issue before it escalates, saving you money in the process?

It All Comes Down To Proper Monitoring

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